Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Crazy Week

This week has been pretty crazy for me. I did start a new project though. I am making another sackboy. This one will be for my toddler. My older son loves his. I need to make it some accessories before his birthday this summer.

I got some nice lavender fabric for the back of the Easter Quilt. I really need to finish basting my grandma's quilt, and get to work on it. Also my mom's birthday is next week, and I want to make her something. It has to be a quick project. I have something in mind, but I won't say what it is in case she reads this blog. We are going to see her this weekend, so getting it to her in time is no problem.

Oh, I almost forgot. I learned how to make yarn out of t-shirts. I found 2 t-shirts of mine that I didn't mind cutting into yarn. One of them I never wore, and the other had a hole in it. I am doing a crochet along with a t-shirt yarn Ravelry group. This month is is a two colored bowl. I ran out of the dominate color and now I am on the look out from another shirt to turn into yarn. I might check a thrift store. I made sure that the main color is red, so that it would be easy to find a matching color. The 2nd color is harder to find since it is a blend of colors. I will take pictures a some point. Like I said, this week is really crazy. You might not see any pictures until next week.

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