Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Changes to my blog

With Instagram's new policy taking place on January 16th (allowing advertisers to use people's photos without direct consent or payment) , I will be removing myself and my photos from there.  For the last year and a half I have been using the photos that I have uploaded through there for this blog.  That means that many photos will just disappear from my blog.  It totally sucks.

Lately I have not been blogging on here like I use to.  I do blog daily, but through my Nerd Wars Club 33 group.  I started this blog as a kind of craft journal for myself.  Now I'm debating if I even need to do that anymore.

I don't want to get rid of the blog, because there are a lot of helpful tutorials on it that pre-dates my use of Instagram.  However you might see a major clean up of my blog due to the lack of photos.  I don't want to go back and replace every single photo with one that I have to resize through photoshop and then go through this other program just to put on an invisible section of my husband's website, which has a limited amount of space.  That is a lot to have to do.  Maybe I'll just update my website with more recent photos instead.  I'm not sure.  Its a big debate.  What I am sure of is that I will be leaving Instagram in January, and that means many of my photos here will disappear.

So this is a little heads up.

As a result you probably will see even less blog posts from me than you have recently.  Maybe I'll just do more you tube videos... Ones that are just a series of photos of what I've been making recently.

I also want to apologize again for my lack of videos.  My 5 year old is very energetic, and he demands a lot of attention.  As a result I can not have 1 minute of quiet time where I can do voice overs for the videos.  I also have a lot of other responsibilities in my life which makes doing many things very difficult.  For instance I have not recorded anything for my local t.v. show in a year due to my lack of time.  I'm actually hoping to work in 1 day a month where I can go back into the studio and start recording new episodes again.

So then you are probably wondering how I can get so much crafting done.  The key is on-the-go projects.  If it can not go in my purse or a bag and go with me everywhere, then it is really hard to work on.  I can count on my fingers the number of times I have used my sewing machine this year.  In college I could weave something in 2 days, but now I'm lucky to fit in 2 hours a week on my loom.  But those two items are not portable.  People who know me know that I ALWAYS have a project with me.  In fact when I go over to a friend's house, her daughter will bring me a stuffed animal or hat to repair.  I almost always have the right tools on me to repair her things right then and there.

Since my youngest son is so active, I try to take him places where he can get out all of that energy with other kids his age.  That means that I can actually have time to just work on my current knitting or crochet project while still keeping an eye on him.  Thank goodness for my kindle and my iphone, because all of my patterns can easily travel with me.


Thoughts?  Comments?  Suggestions?

All comments need to be approved of before they are posted, because I get a ton of spam.  Its sad really.  So please don't let that discourage you from leaving a comment.


P.S. Remember me saying that I can't even get a minute of uninterrupted time?  My son came in my room to talk to me about 50 times while I was typing this, lol.  I'm not even exaggerating.

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