Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tuesday Tot Craft Time: Weaving

My 4 year old checked out a book all about Textiles for kids today.  Unfortunately he is to young to make most of the crafts in it.  However I thought that he was old enough to learn how to weave.  He recently got new shoes, so I used the shoe box for the loom.  I cut 6 notches on each side, then I strung up some yarn.  Then I made a shuttle (out of a food box) and wrapped yarn around it, and then showed him how to weave with it.  It was to hard for him.  My husband recently weeded out his magazines, so I cut up some pages from one of the magazines.  This was a lot easier for him to learn how to weave with. He really enjoyed it.
Then I made some paper looms and showed him how to weave with them.  A paper loom is just paper with slits cut out from the center but not at the edges.  Now he can go to town with weaving.


  1. Clever idea - shoebox for a loom. When my son learned they used cardboard for a loom with notches at the end.

  2. I wish I had seen this method of weaving last week. The teacher in one of the schools that I visit had thrown about 40 sheets of unused pink A4 size paper in the recycle bin. I could have gotten the kids all weaving it just the way you have shown.