Monday, October 10, 2011

Fanciful Flower Hot Pad

My mom is currently visiting my grandma.  My grandma's brother and his wife came over the other day, and his wife loved the hot pad that I made for my grandma's birthday.  She said that it was the prettiest thing that she ever saw.  My mom asked me to make one for her aunt.  Well I had actually made 2 different ones for my grandma, so I will be making the same 2 for my grandma's sister-in-law.  I finished the first one, shown above.  The pattern for it is here.  You can see the ones that I made for my grandma here.  My mom said that it did not matter what colors that I used, so I used ones that I had a lot of.  I used a size G crochet hook and Bernets cotton yarn.

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