Sunday, May 17, 2009

Scotty Dog quilt block

This is the last block that I have received in my quilt guild's block exchange. It is made with reproduction or close to reproduction 1930's fabric. I think it is really cute. Since we all made one block each, we cut out the fabric using templates. Each colored piece of fabric in the block is different. The original person precut all the background pieces. I would love to make one of these (with different fabric). I think it would be really cute for my youngest son who loves dogs or for my parents. Tomorrow night is the last quilt guild meeting before the fall. We are displaying the box exchange blocks on fabric and returning them to their owner. I am looking forward to seeing mine.

I have googly eyes around my computer desk. Just for fun (kicks and giggles), I glued some on my stapler. I think it looks like a beaver now. if I gave it ears, it could be a bunny. Now I have a little friend to keep me smiling at my desk.

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