Thursday, April 23, 2009

Earth Day Fair & current projects

The Earth Day Fair in Chelmsford, MA is this Saturday from 12 - 3 pm on the Town Common. If you are in the area, please come. There will be a story teller, live music, kids' trivia with prizes, information about solar power, wind power, clean energy solutions, composting, "greener" grass, a car that runs on vegetable oil, Cartridge World (recycle your cartridges), Chelmsford CAN, the recycling office, bird houses made from scrap lumber, how to make your own reusable shopping bag, vintage tie purses, how to make bags from t-shirts, plastic bags, juice pouches, soda tabs, and potato chip wrappers, info on co-housing, and much more. It is a FREE event. There are items that you can purchase. Come and learn how you can help our enviroment and our community.

In other news I have been knitting red, white, and blue dish towels. I have also been working on my new craft room. I was using the 3rd bedrrom as a craft room, but my youngest son will be moving into that room soon. He is still in our room. So I have been transforming a section of the basement into a craft room. Yesterday I cleared out some more space by setting up a holiday station in another part of the basment. Now I need to find a place for my husband's storage items. Then I will have more room in the area that I have claimed for myself. All of my fabric and yarn is well organized, and most of my craft and art books are organized as well. I have also been getting my stuff together for the Earth Day Fair. I have figured out a better way to show my juice pouch bags. Normally I have them all on a table. I am now using a clothing rack and hangers to show them. You don't get a great front view of them, but at least they are easier to look through. It also means that I have more room for my demos.

I can't seem to find the charger for my camera. So pictures are going to have to wait even longer.

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